Dipartimento di storia, patrimonio culturale, formazione e società

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The Department consists of historical disciplines (from ancient to contemporary history, from history and religious studies to history and economic studies and documentation sciences), archaeological and art history disciplines, music and performing arts disciplines, geographical, philosophical and social disciplines, foreign languages and literature. This combination, in its multiple capabilities, provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of common objectives:

  • Enhancing research careers, especially those in common with the various constitutive scientific areas;
  • encouraging the development of partnerships and exchange of teachers and students with other national and international universities;
  • promoting and strengthening a network of relationships with institutions, organizations, agencies and other entities in Italy and abroad;
  • encouraging and supporting the development of international relations, in scientific and didactic terms, with Italian and foreign universities and research institutions;
  • promoting research projects, conventions, initiatives that foster an interdisciplinary dimension.

Programmes of the Department:

Bachelor’s Programmes:

Master Programmes:

Interdepartmental Programmes: