Dipartimento di studi letterari, filosofici e di storia dell’arte

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The Department encompasses the disciplines of literature, linguistics, history and philology, foreign literature and languages. This combination, in its multiple capabilities, provides a solid foundation for the pursuit of common objectives set by the Department:

  • enhancing research careers, especially those in common with the various constitutive scientific areas;
  • strengthening international relations and opening further fruitful exchanges (within the scientific and didactic scope) with Italian and foreign universities and research institutions;
  • promoting and strengthening a network of dialogue with institutions, organizations, agencies and other entities in Italy and above;
  • realising research projects, conventions, conferences and seminars, which will be fostered by the growing interdisciplinary dimension.

Courses offered by the Department:

Bachelor’s Programme

Master’s Programme:

One-cycle Degree Programme:

Interdepartmental Programmes: