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The University of Tor Vergata is first in the Censis ranking of the top ten universities where to study Literature, Philosophy, History, Performing Arts and Cultural Heritage.

Dear Students,

As the newly elected Coordinator of the School of Humanities and Philosophy for the academic period  2014-2017, I announce with great satisfaction that, according to the recent Censis ranking, our School is first among the best schools of Humanities and Philosophy in Italy.

Here is the link to the article:

I thank you all, as well as the professors and the staff, for your commitment towards this excellent result, and I take the occasion to remind you that, pursuant to the Regulations, the School of Humanities and Philosophy particularly:

  • organises and manages admission tests;
  • deals with student services (Erasmus, University counselling, internships, mentoring);
  • offers the students a variety of announcements on part-time jobs, calls for the allocation of award funds, a.s.o.;
  • coordinates the use of structures, equipment, spaces and common facilities for didactic activities;
  • regulates the right to use  the School’s classrooms and spaces.

Thanks to the help of several active members of this School, I am already starting to examine some issues that I consider crucial to the development of the School, starting from the Counselling services (reference person: professor MARINA CICCARINI) and the Erasmus Office (reference person: professor DANIELA FELISINI)

The analysis and actions on other issues pertaining to our Body will follow as soon as possible.

I am sincerely convinced that the quality of the organisation and the School offerings depend on us and on our collaboration.

Therefore, I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you in the Office of the Ex-Presidenza to discuss and exchange any ideas.  Kind regards, also on behalf of the colleagues of the Faculty,

Marina Formica

The School of Humanities and Philosophy was established according to Article 2, paragraph 2, letter c) of Law 240/10 and art. 9, n. 4, of the Regulations of the didactic and research facilities. It presents well-defined functions for the coordination and rationalisation of the didactic activities of the courses of this School, and the management of services and common areas, in accordance with the Directors of the respective Departments.

The School deals with:

  • preparing the annual Course Structures (Manifesto annuale degli studi), based on the proposals submitted by the Course Councils and approved by the respective Department Councils;
  • preparing calls for teachings approved by the Departments;
  • organising and managing open and restricted admissions tests;
  • providing announcements and information to the students (about tutoring, part-time jobs opportunities, allocation of funds a.s.o.);
  • managing student services, with particular reference to the on-line compilation of the study plan; mobility (Erasmus); counselling (organisation of counselling on incoming and outgoing activities); internships and apprenticeships (curricular and post-graduate); tutoring;
  • coordinating the use of structures, equipment, spaces and common facilities for the teaching, as well as reporting to the governing bodies about any need or deficiency;
  • regulating the right to use classrooms and spaces of the School;
  • providing guidance and giving suggestions for the update of the websites of the Departments,  with particular regard to the integrated system of information for students of the School;
  • managing, upon delegation by Departments, interdepartmental matters of didactic organisation.

School Council:

Rappresentanti studenti:

  • Francesco D’Aloia
  • Francesco Marini