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Marielisa Rossi (Cagliari, 8/10/1953). At present professor (since 01/10/2004) of Bibliography (M-Sto/08), having previously been a assistant professor (23/8/1993-31/10/1998); member of PhD "SCIENZE BIBLIOGRAFICHE, DEL TESTO E DEL DOCUMENTO" (Università di Udine). She has been part of the editing committee of the journal "Biblioteche oggi" and since 1995 has been a member of the advisory committee of "Culture del testo e del documento". She offers consultancy services about the cataloguing of ancient book libraries for the Servizio beni librari of the Region of Tuscany and other public, private and religious institutions (recently for the Accademia della Crusca, Firenze: Fondo dei 'Citati'; and actually for the Pontificia Università Lateranense). Recent activities relevant to the present research project include the production in 1996 of a CD-ROM containing the catalogue and reproduction of texts of the incunabula of the G. Badii Library of Massa Marittima; the 'Libro antico', 2.nd. ed., Florence, Olschki, 1999; the Lorenzo Valla's Bibliography (2007) and the publication on line 'Indicizzazione di documenti cartacei, multimediali ed elettronici in ambiente digitale', 8. edition (http://www.baicr.it.). She is co-editor of 'Progetto Machiavelli 2013', with funding of «Senior Fellows des Landes Niedersachsen 2011-2013 an der Herzog August Bibliothek» (2012) and of Forschungszentrum, Gotha (2013).

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