Functions of the School

The School of Humanities and Philosophy was established according to the art. 2, par. 2, letter c) of Law 240/10 and to the art. 9, n. 4 of the Regulations of the didactic and research facilities. It is charged with some limited functions for the coordination of didactic activities and the management of common services, in coordination with the Departments’ Directors.


The School deals with:


  • preparing the annual Course Structures (“Manifesto annuale degli studi”), based on the proposals submitted by the Course Councils and approved by the Departments’ Councils;
  • preparing calls for teachings approved by the Departments;
  • organising and managing the admission tests;
  • providing the students of important announcements and information about tutoring, part-time jobs opportunities, etc.;
  • managing the services to students, with special reference to the on-line compilation of the study plans, the international mobility (Erasmus), the counselling (organisation of counselling on incoming and outgoing activities), the internships and apprenticeships (curricular and post-graduate), the tutoring;
  • coordinating the use of the facilities and technical equipment for teaching, as well as reporting to the governing bodies about any need or deficiency;
  • regulating the use of classrooms and the spaces managed by the School;
  • providing guidance and giving suggestions for the update of the Departments’ websites,  with particular regard to the integrated system of information;
  • managing, upon delegation by the Departments, some aspects of didactic organisation.